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What I love about weddings is the freedom you have to create; the joy and emotions you see and are able to capture; and the fun and energy that you get to be part of.  We work hard, we are constantly on the move making sure we are in the right place at the right time - capturing angles others don't see.  I personally believe it's our job to capture the wedding you don't get to see.

In all the years we have been photographing weddings, there are two truths you can rely on - no wedding is alike and things do not always go the way you plan!  With that in mind, we have a philosophy on how we work with you and your investment in your wedding photography.  Although we do have packages, we end up customizing about 90% of the contracts we have with our brides.  We encourage you to tell us what you envision in your wedding photography and what your wedding photography budget is so we can help you design something that works for your specific needs.

Something to know about our packages...all our packages start with us being with you all day.  But what if you don't need us there all day you ask.  Well, remember what we said about things not going as planned?  First, we don't want you planning your wedding around the hours you paid your photographer to be there - watching the clock just adds stress to your day, and you don't need that.  Second, we find that our packages end up being very competitive with other photographers hourly rates anyway.  But, if you want something based on limited hours, we will work with you.  We do believe in our philosophy, but we want to work with you as well!

Packages start at $2,500 and include full coverage of your day, digital negatives from the wedding with full rights to the images,  plus free private online proofing for you and your guests to enjoy the images, that's just where we start.

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